Working for JOB - a task for life

Our vision is a world in which everyone is protected from the dangers of fire, everywhere, anytime. To make this vision reality, in Ahrensburg app. 200 employees are workingwith passion, know-how and a lot of personality. Early fire detection and extinguishing - that's what we aim for every day. We rely on research and development, we share knowledge and work continuously for better fire protection systems and concepts. You can identify yourself with this? Then you are right to be with us.

Region with tailwind

Thereare a lot favourable topics for JOB as an employer. Ahrensburg is part of the so-called HanseBelt and thus nationwide one of the most attractive regions for talents in the fields of life science and research-intensive technologies of the future. The region is perfect for work and perfect for life. Taking work-life balance seriously, the two are already inseparable. We are involved in the initiative HanseBelt that brings the economic area between the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and the Fehmarn Belt forward. Be part of it.

Caring about our employees

JOB takes responsibility with its products and solutions. And we also take responsibility for our employees.We want them to do well and stay healthy. But bringing life and work in harmony - which sounds so easy, is sometimes difficult to achieve, especially in unpredictable situations of life. Therefore, we are committed to the Foundation "work and family Stormarn". We support our employees to combine family and work and provide for example a responsive and qualified child care. The Foundation is also offering different assistance for emergency care and a diverse holiday offerings. Work and family should harmonize without to much compromise. That's what matters, and we are working on it.

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