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Thermo Bulbs JOB develops, manufactures and distributes thermally released glass bulbs. Thermo Bulbs are of particularly high quality and very reliable in operation and with the shortest activation times they became the standard in the sprinkler industry. All of the leading international manufacturers of sprinkler systems use the Job Thermo bulbs and there are more than a billion installations worldwide for fire supression. To date, JOB Thermo Bulbs is still developing new products coming along with several patents. By this Thermo Bulbs, JOB has become the innovation leader also.

The glass bulbs are characterized by an excellent thermal activation behavior and their enormous strength. For this, there are several reasons. The unique product design, the special liquid mixtures and production facilities that have been specially designed to exactly produce the Thermo bulbs this and no other way.

One hundred percent reliable: An automated visual inspection system ensures that the high internal and external quality standards are met.

JOB Thermo Bulbs are fully recognized by national and international accreditation bodies such as UL (USA), LPCB (GB), VdS (D), TFRI (China), KOFEI (Korea), Kentec (Japan) . JOB Thermo Bulbs are not only used in sprinklers or water mist nozzles. The patented JOB Thermo Bulb links are also used in smoke extraction systems. In addition, the thermal Bulbs are used as safety valves in gas-powered vehicles. Latest products continue to provide protection against fires in electronic equipments.

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