Thermo Bulbs

JOB Thermo Bulbs develops and produces thermal releasing glass bulbs. The JOB Bulbs are standard in the international sprinkler industry.

About us

For more than 44 years, JOB Thermo Bulbs is constantly developing new, innovative products for the protection of lives and properties. The latest technologies are continously implemented to ensure the highest possible standard for safety products

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JOB Thermo Bulbs are thermal release elements for the sprinkler and other industries, such as electronics, home appliances and the automotive industry. The unique design in combination with the special glass and fluids are decisive factors for the strength of the glass bulb and the excellent thermodynamically related short reaction time.

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Since their introduction in the mid-1970’s JOB THERMO BULBS have become the standard heat responsive glass bulbs for the sprinkler industry.Based on the continuous automation process and driven by the “integrated Management System” IMS includinbg ISO 9001, 14001, related to ISO 16949, 18001, 30001 we underline our “0” Failure strategy. This high quality and reliability is  proven by more than 1000 Million JOB THERMO BULBS which are now being installed world-wide by all major sprinkler manufacturers for service in fire protection and life safety.

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Customer service

The JOB customer service team takes care for your products and “on time” deliveries. Besides products and equipment services, Job offers several customer relation ship programs including the BPM “Business Partnership Model” which offers the highest service level between partners.

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  • product Thermo Bulbs

    Due to the high product quality and reliability, the Thermo Bulbs have become the standard in the sprinkler industry.


    The AMFE detects and extinguishes fires in cabinets such as electrical equipments and thus prevents the spread of fire.

  • product E-Bulb

    The JOB Extinguishing Bulb (E-Bulb) is an innovative development derived from the sprinkler glassbulbs. It detects and extinguishes fires in electrical appliances.

What we stand for

Made in Germany

Top quality products and solutions made in Germany: As one of the leading fire safety provider in Germany we develop, produce and sell excellent high quality products and complete system solutions in the field of fire protection and supression. We don't only want to be perceived for what is technologically feasible, but for what is technologically useful.

Easy to use

Easy to use Safety Technology: We design 100% reliable products and solutions that are easy to use and provide a significant value add for our customers. All solutions and products are easy to install and very durable.

Service at its best

Service at its best: When we say maximum service orientation, it’s not just empty words. We understand our customers’ requirements. Our goal is a long-term, trusting and honest business relationship with customers from a wide range of sectors bassed on understanding, transparency and openness.

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